Alert: Montgomery County Residents

warningIt has been brought to the attention of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 35 that Montgomery County residents have been solicited by phone from an individual who is identifying himself  as an active police officer or retired police officer of the Fraternal Order of Police. This individual has also identified himself as “Kevin Monte or Officer Monte”,  stating he is fund raising for FOP Lodge 35 or the Montgomery County Police Officers Association.  Montgomery County FOP Lodge 35 does not solicit donations by telephone and there is no Maryland organization by the name of Montgomery County Police Officers Association.

In most cases, the phone solicitor asks the donor to leave a check to be picked up.  The solicitor promises to leave a package for the donor as a “thank you.”  The package usually contains a thank you letter and a few stickers.  Do not leave a check or make a pledge over the phone using a credit card for phone solicitors identifying themselves as police officers or FOP Lodge 35 fund raisers without confirming their identity.

Lodge 35 does, on occasion, make donation requests via US Mail, and also provides for a credit card donation on this website. If you have any concerns with phone or mail solicitation, please feel free to contact FOP Lodge 35 at 301-948-4286 for verification.  You can also look up information on the Better Business website, or check out the Maryland Charity website at