SB 122

Support Senate Bill 122, The Comprehensive Crime Bill of 2018

Senator Zirkin has been a staunch supporter of police officers and our families by supporting due process and collective bargaining rights for not only our members, but for all working class employees.  Senate Bill 122 has passed the Senate is now in the house and needs our support in helping push it through. It is a comprehensive crime bill that will help keep violent repeat offenders off our streets. To summarize, the bill has several important features that support our members and the communities we protect:
1) Increases the penalties for violent convicted criminals.
2) Creates an enhanced mandatory minimum sentence for VIOLENT REPEAT offenders.
3) Helps support victims of the Heroin epidemic by adding Fentanyl, variations of Fentanyl, and mixtures with Fentanyl, to a list of controlled dangerous substance that a person may not manufacture, distribute, dispense, or possess AND increases the maximum penalty for repeat offenders.
4)Provides protections for noncitizen victims who assist law enforcement in the investigations of specified criminal activity.
5) Supports the community by creating the Tyrone Ray Violent Crime Fund that provides for grants to support evidence based violent crime reduction programs.

Click here for the full bill.

Unfortunately, we are direct witnesses to the negative impacts violent repeat offenders have on not only us, but the communities we serve. This is an important bill that can help us keep our communities safe and we need to let the Senate know we support them in their efforts.

Please click the below link, enter your address to find your local officials and click “Create Message” at the bottom to email your Delegates and cut and paste the following simple message:

“Dear Delegates,
I fully support SB 122  Criminal Law – Comprehensive Crime Bill of 2018, and respectfully ask that you vote in support of this bill. We believe this common sense bill will help keep our communities safe by reducing the number of violent criminals on our streets, by supporting evidence based programs to reduce violence, by holding those accountable who continue to poison our communities with Fentanyl and its derivatives, and by offering protections to victim non-citizens who help law enforcement in their investigation. Unfortunately, violent repeat offenders continue to terrorize our communities and we believe this will help reduce the violence. We thank you for your support and ask again that you please vote in support of SB 122. “